A customized company umbrella is the perfect way to make your business or organization stand out! Not only is it personalized and designed specifically for you, but it is also branded with your logo or design. Investing in a customized company umbrella will show your customers and peers that you genuinely care about your business or organization. Using this excellent marketing tool can be an extremely effective way to promote your company's brand and maximize its visibility. Trust Funk Trunk to provide you with company umbrellas that allow you to personalize your design and branding to the fullest! You won't find a better product for your needs. Our high-quality items are waterproof, windproof, and sun-resistant - and can be personalized with any logo or text you wish. Create your personalized umbrella with our broad selection of sizes, colors, and styles to suit your specific requirements - whether for business promotions or everyday use!

  • Long-lasting and Sturdy
  • Eco-friendly
  • With UV Protection
  • Durable Handle


  • Golf Umbrella

    Funk Trunk offers customized golf umbrellas for companies that wish to make their brands stand out. At Funk Trunk, we make the highest-quality umbrellas that are guaranteed to perform reliably in all weather conditions, so you can stay dry and stylish no matter what the forecast holds! Their cutting-edge technology ensures that you can customize each of your umbrellas with unique and eye-catching advertising visuals and messages. Protect your employees through Funk Trunk’s golf umbrellas!

  • Folding Umbrella

    Want to give your employees something handy that fits in their bags? These customized company folding umbrellas from Funk Trunk is definitely the answer! Funk Trunk allows you to customize the umbrellas according to your liking–a business's logo, name, slogan, or any other text or picture, name it. The colors and style can also be changed to fit a company's brand guidelines or to create a unique and eye-catching design. Your recipients will love these compact, customized company umbrellas!


The last thing you want in an advertising item is for it not to be useful. If it isn't useful, your brand won't get the attention you want. Customized or promotional umbrellas are useful for branding and marketing. Because of a number of things, umbrellas make great advertising items.

Customized company umbrellas are a great advertising item because they are useful, durable, and can get a lot of people to notice your brand. Personalizing them with your logo or slogan makes them even better than generic products, and the bigger size of an umbrella makes it a great way to show off custom artwork that makes a big impression. Also, From outdoor events to commutes, umbrellas are flexible. Customized umbrellas can reach a large audience, increasing company visibility.

Brand Promise

One purchase = one tree planted – Funk Trunk seeks to plant one million trees that will leave an eternal mark on the world. At Funk Trunk, we believe it is essential to maintain a healthy and secure environment for present and future generations. 

We are also aware that enterprises have a responsibility to reduce their environmental impact in order to become more sustainable. Because of this, we consider our responsibility to the environment very seriously and create environmentally friendly products that you can use every day. Our unwavering dedication to environmental protection enables you to rely on us when making ethical purchasing decisions, as every decision is made with the preservation of planet Earth in mind.


When I came across the products of Funk Trunk, I told myself to buy one of each. And you guys never failed to amaze me.


I love this Bambler and the Bambucup I purchased. 🥰 The quality is fantastic and shipping was surprisingly quick to the US.


Great product! Great customer service.. They replaced my lid immediately. 


Very good quality of products, and they reply instantly with your inquiries or concern. I honestly love what I got; perfect for everyone especially if you want to start living sustainably. 



Let's join forces to make a tremendous difference for the better! Let's join forces and make a positive and inspiring impact on the environment by committing to using eco-friendly practices! Be part of the Funk Trunk Community and make a positive impact on the world!

Customize Gift Bundle

At Funk Trunk, we are driven about being environmentally conscious and customizing – that's why we offer our clients the option to personalize their giveaways to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience! Create one-of-a-kind combinations with your gift boxes or select from our extensive selection of high-quality items! Your recipient will be thrilled to learn that we handle these with the uttermost care.

Funk Trunk is an excellent option for creating customized gift bundles for anyone. We specialize in creating gifts that are uniquely designed for the intended recipients. All of our products are manufactured with eco-friendly, high-quality materials. You can rest assured that your loved one will receive a product that has been handled with care because of Funk Trunk's high standards.

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Looking for a way to become more eco-friendly? Funk Trunk has the perfect solution – customized environmentally friendly bundles! You can choose from a variety of items, all made from sustainable materials, to create the perfect bundle for your needs.