Mini Power Bank
Mini Power Bank

Mini Power Bank

We got the pocket-friendly and sustainable solution for you. This lightweight fella is the convenient power bank you can carry with your  mobile phone while you are on the go. With its 5000mAh, your phone will not die out. Approximately your phone battery capacity is between 2200 to 3145mAh and your phone battery is almost up, you can get one full charge. Higher than 4000 mAh (like iPads or android tablets) will give your device enough bars to survive, especially when you need to save or send important files.

  • It's anti-static and weighed at 106g
  • It comes with a USB Micro B cable
  • You can plug in USB Type A and C cables for Android phones and iPhones

Note: The power bank can only give your phone enough juice to prevent your phone from automatically turning off. It should not be used as a regular charger. For faster charging, use a USB 2.0 (or better) plug.

Thickness: 1.5cm
Length: 12cm
Width: 5cm
Gross Weight (with box): 180g

Did you know? If you purchase a product from us, we will plant and take care of a tree as part of our mission🍃 
*NOTE: On how to customize your power bank, click here for details.