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Sustainability with a Purpose

Our Story

49,000+ Trees Planted

I have always been fascinated by things made of wood. When I came across the products of Funk Trunk, I told myself to buy one of each. And you guys never failed to amaze me.

Maj Monta (via Facebook)

They have such wonderful products, and their customer service is not only accommodating but thorough as well. I love this Bambler and the Bambucup I purchased. 🥰 The quality is fantastic and shipping was surprisingly quick to the US.

Auriel Centeno (via Facebook)

Great product! Great customer service.. They replaced my lid immediately.
Support local! 😁💪

Samson Anthony (via Facebook)

"Very good quality of products, and they reply instantly with your inquiries or concern. I honestly love what I got; perfect for everyone especially if you want to start living sustainably. I also love their mission to plant more trees. Hopefully to join soon😁💖

George Dela Cruz (via Facebook)

Very friendly people. Wanted to have an engraving for my Bambler and they gave it to me free of charge. Just went to their office and waited for a couple of minutes. Plus they plant and take care of a tree for every product you purchase! 

Maine Heraldo (via Facebook)