Funk trunk offers an innovative, customized mug suitable for every occasion. Our personalized mugs are crafted from high-quality eco-friendly materials and are available in various colorful hues and sizes. On your personalized mug, you can select to include your favorite family portrait, throwback memory, quote, or graphic design. When choosing a customized mug giveaway from Funk Trunk, pay attention to the size, shape, and design. Larger and double-handled models tend to have more room for graphic components, while smaller shapes can put more focus on little details like logos or typography. No matter what kind of mug you choose, though, being able to change every detail will make sure that even the freebies you give away are absolutely unique. Plus, our industry-leading sublimation process ensures that your prints won't fade away over time; instead, colors stay vibrant and sharp for years down the road. Choose Funk Trunk’s mugs now!

  • Handy and Easy Carry
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High-quality Insulation Properties
  • Sturdy and Durable


  • Ceramic Mug with Bamboo Lid with Stirrer

    Funk Trunk’s Ceramic mugs are a popular choice for personalized mugs because they last a long time, are easy to clean, and have a flat surface where your logo or design may be printed. Plus, this includes a bamboo lid and a stirrer! There are many ways to print on ceramic mugs to make them unique, such as screen printing, sublimation, and direct-to-mug printing. Ceramic mugs are a terrific way to enjoy hot drinks in a way that is good for the environment. Ceramic mugs make it more fun to sip coffee or tea since they can hold heat and keep drinks warm.

  • Bamboo Coffee Mug

    Presenting the Funk Trunk 300ml Bamboo Coffee Mug, a unique and sustainable mug that blends convenience, style, and sustainability. Coffee enthusiasts on the run will surely fall in love with this Bamboo Coffee Mug. This mug's 300ml capacity makes it suitable for all coffee beverages, from espresso shots to large lattes. Also, it has an ergonomic handle, so you can easily take sips out of it. Just note that the lid is not 100% leak-proof, so be careful!

  • Glass Mug

    This one-of-a-kind glass mug is constructed from high-quality glass that is durable and reusable. You can use it at home, on the trails, or at work, and you don't have to worry about breaking it. Also, Funk Trunk mugs look wonderful in any kitchen because of their trendy style. All Funk Trunk items are made using recyclable materials, making them as eco-friendly as possible. If you give away Funk Trunk products, you can be confident that they are eco-friendly.


If it is your aim to stand out from your competitors, then giving away customized mugs with your brand on them is your solution. To succeed in business and beat competitors, personalization is essential. This applies not only to how you interact with customers but also to how you advertise your products and services.

You may advertise your business, share your company's ideals, or bring attention to a cause with these customized mugs. Beverages other than coffee can be enjoyed from a personalized mug. These versatile promotional products can help you spread your message effectively. Giving out personalized mugs shows how much you care, and how much you want your relationship with your recipients to flourish–especially if its customized according to their interests!

Brand Promise

Discover a world where every purchase contributes to a greener tomorrow through Funk Trunk's mission to plant one million trees, leaving a legacy for future generations. We believe that maintaining a secure and healthy world for current and future generations is crucial. 

Funk Trunk has a great dedication to protecting the environment; therefore, they provide items that are easy to use and beneficial for the planet. As you make purchasing decisions that improve the environment for everyone, you can rely on our ongoing dedication to its preservation. Rest assured that every decision made by Funk Trunk aligns with our primary objective of safeguarding the planet. Therefore, allow us to assist you in living in a manner that is beneficial to the Earth and the present and future well-being of humans.


When I came across the products of Funk Trunk, I told myself to buy one of each. And you guys never failed to amaze me.


I love this Bambler and the Bambucup I purchased. 🥰 The quality is fantastic and shipping was surprisingly quick to the US.


Great product! Great customer service.. They replaced my lid immediately. 


Very good quality of products, and they reply instantly with your inquiries or concern. I honestly love what I got; perfect for everyone especially if you want to start living sustainably. 



Join the Funk Trunk Community on a mission to make a big and lasting difference in our environment. Use eco-friendly methods to make sure that future generations will have a good life. Join us in making a change that will change our planet today!

Customize Gift Bundle

At Funk Trunk, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability and creativity. Therefore, we offer our customers the option to personalize their gifts and make them one-of-a-kind! You can create distinctive combinations with your gift boxes or choose from our extensive selection of premium products. Your recipient will be delighted to learn that we handle these with the utmost care.

Funk Trunk is an excellent destination if you want to create personalized gift sets for anyone. We are experts at creating gifts that are uniquely tailored to the recipients. In addition, all of our products are made from eco-friendly materials of the highest quality. Because Funk Trunk has high standards, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive a well-maintained product.

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If you want to be more environmentally friendly, Funk Trunk is a great way to do it. We offer customized packages of eco-friendly products manufactured from sustainable materials. In addition, you can choose from a variety of items to personalize the bundle to your specific needs.