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Bamboo Pen (Twist)

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A sustainable and refillable Bamboo Twist pen for your writing needs.
(For personalization/wood engraving instructions, click here)

Product details:
✔️ Twist pen made from bamboo wood
✔️ It comes with a box
✔️ Ink refills can be purchased at bookstores
✔️ Gross Weight (excluding box): 55 grams

Product Details

The Bamboo Twist Pen is an elegant and sophisticated writing instrument. This one-of-a-kind pen stands out from the crowd because to its bamboo wood construction and its contemporary design. The lavish packaging makes the pen a perfect present for any milestone event.

This twist pen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also writes smoothly and reliably. The pen's ergonomic grip makes it easy to write for long periods of time, and the ink cartridges are readily available for replacement. You'll always look your best whether you're taking notes or checking off a to-do list, thanks to this multipurpose piece of stationery.

Personalization and Engraving Options

Want to add a personal touch? Here are our personalization and engraving options!

  1. Choose your chosen Funk Trunk item’s page.
  2. Scroll down and click the “Customize It” button.
  3. Do your customizations. Add text, change the font style, and even adjust the text size and placement.
  4. Make sure the text does not exceed the white space.
  5. Add your logo and change its size and placement. Make sure your logo fits inside the item and doesn't go into the blank space on the page. Use photos in the .PNG format that is at least 500px by 500px in size.
  6. Check the Customify ID beside the product while viewing Your Cart to ensure that your engraving request has been applied to your order.
  7. If you have other engraving requests or suggestions, email

For thorough engraving instructions, click here.

Use and Care Instructions

Cleaning: Wipe your bamboo twist pen with a damp cloth or a tissue paper.

Drying: Dry using a towel. Store it in a dry, well-ventilated area away from extreme hot/cold temperatures.

To prolong its life: You can oil the product’s wood portion using either vegetable or olive oil.

To maintain its appearance: Rub the product occasionally with food-grade mineral oil.

Avoid submerging in water or placing in a dishwasher and exposing it to extreme heat.

Shipping Information

If you are within Metro Manila, we offer in-house delivery, personal pick-up at our Quezon City office (Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 5 PM), or choose your own courier. If you are choosing your own courier, make sure to share with us the details of the rider.

If you are outside Metro Manila, we have a third-party courier, J&T Express. We ship out items every Friday.

If you are outside the Philippines, XPost is our courier. Take note that taxes and other postage costs will be at your own expense.

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    Funk Trunk Bamboo Twist Pen with box
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)
    You can easily put your Funk Trunk Bamboo Twist pen in your pocket without worrying it will fall off
    Funk Trunk&
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)
    The Bamboo Twist Pen and Bambucup are your perfect eco-friendly desk companions
    Funk Trunk Bamboo Twist Pen for your everyday writing convenience
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)
    Bamboo Pen (Twist)

    Bamboo Twist Pen for Corporate Giveaways

    Corporate giveaways are an important part of business marketing strategies, as they can be used to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. They can also be used to reward loyal customers or engage current ones. Bamboo twist pens are the perfect choice for corporate giveaways because they encompass both practicality and environmental awareness. Not only are these pens good for nature but great for business as well! The lightweight design makes them easy to carry around in pockets and bags, making sure your brand stays top of mind with customers at all times - no matter where they go! Make sure to buy at wholesale prices to receive huge discounts!

    Buy at Wholesale

    Personalize your own Bamboo Twist Pen

    Personalizing your own bamboo twist pen is a great way to add a unique and meaningful touch to your writing. It’s an ideal gift for the person who has everything or simply wants something special and customized. With Funk Trunk, you can easily create a custom twist pen that reflects your personality and style. Their bamboo twist pens are handcrafted and come with a unique design that allows you to create a personalized look and feel. With their pens, every piece is unique due to its individualized design and laser etching process.

    Personalize Bamboo Twist Pen


    Funk Trunk is proud to satisfy each and every consumer while also protecting the environment. We value your feedback on our products and services, which is why we solicit it. Our mission is to continuously improve your interaction with us. Join the Funk Trunk community today!

    Brand Promise

    We at Funk Trunk believe that trees are the key to a sustainable ecology. That is why we plant one tree for every deal made, with the goal of planting one million trees by 2028.

    But our dedication to sustainability does not end there. We are committed to creating high-quality, ecologically friendly items that can be recycled and reduce waste. Every decision we make is based on our commitment to a better future for our planet and the living beings who inhabit it.


    What is a bamboo pen used for?

    Aside from its sustainability, you can use bamboo pens for writing. You can jot down your notes using it–you can do whatever you want with it!

    Why is my Bamboo Ink pen not working?

    Bamboo Ink pens can malfunction for several causes. Check the batteries first. A pen mechanism issue like a loose tip-to-interior connection could also cause issues. If so, an authorized service center may clean or repair it. If your pen doesn't respond when brushed against an external monitor or device surface, it's likely due to driver and setting incompatibility, so check those first before trying any other fixes. When utilizing your computer/device and Bamboo Ink pen, make sure all connections are secure.

    What are bamboo pen materials?

    Bamboo pens are becoming more and more popular because they are natural and good for the environment. Bamboo pens are made from bamboo stalks, lacquer, and the metal or plastic parts that are used to write with. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows quickly in the tropical parts of Asia. This makes it one of the most sustainable materials, even more so than wood from trees.