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1. Go to the product page of your chosen Funk Trunk item.


  2. Scroll down and click Customize It. 

3. Add text, change the font and style, and even adjust the size and placement of the text. Make sure the text is within the item not exceeding to the white space of the page.

4. Add your logo and adjust its size and placement. Make sure your logo is within the item--not exceeding on white space of the page. Use photos in .PNG format with a minimum resolution of 500px by 500px.


5. Click Add to Cart.


 6. Ensure that your engraving request is added to your order by looking at the Customify ID beside the product when you view Your Cart.

Additional Notes:

  • If you have a different font you want to use or have additional comments on your engraving request, kindly put the details on the "Note" part.
  • If you want to customize different products under one (1) order form, you can add customize each product and Add to Cart.


  • For Specialized Engravings, kindly wait for the announcement regarding our new engraving service.
  • For engraving concerns on corporate or bulk orders, you can send your inquiries to Richie at richie@funktrunk.ph