Saying Goodbye To Nemo: Clownfish Might Be Extinct Soon

Saying Goodbye To Nemo: Clownfish Might Be Extinct Soon

Pixar's Finding Nemo might vanish soon due to climate change.

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According to scienists, clownfish have "peculiar mating habits" which are put at risk. Our hope for our future to conserve these species of fish is diminishing because clownfish have a "very particular reproductive cycle, dependent on a stable, benign environment," according to France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) researcher Benoit Poujol.

Clownfish coexist with sea anemones. They live and breed in these flowering plants. Anemones live on coral reefs; and we know for a fact that our coral reefs are all in danger due to climate change.

Sad to say but "the clownfish do not have the variation which will allow it to modify its reproduction (method) if there are environmental constraints," as said by Poujol via an article in GMA News Online.

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