3 Gift Ideas Worth 1000 Pesos That They'll Actually Love

3 Gift Ideas Worth 1000 Pesos That They'll Actually Love

In today's world of endless gifting options, finding that perfect present within a budget can be daunting. But what if you could surprise your loved ones with gifts worth 1000 pesos that fit your pocket and genuinely delight the receiver?

Say goodbye to generic presents and dive into our curated list of three gift ideas, each priced at 1000 pesos and crafted with love and thoughtfulness in mind. Get ready to discover the art of thoughtful gift shopping without breaking the bank!

Gifts can be both affordable and valuable

The common misconception is that a gift's value is directly proportional to its price tag. However, some treasured presents are only sometimes the most expensive. The true essence of gifting lies in the thought, meaning, and emotion it carries. 

Countless gifts worth 1000 pesos can leave an indelible mark on the recipient's heart. These affordable gifts can be meaningful, practical, or delightful, proving that you don't need to splurge to show someone you care. It's all about finding that perfect blend of uniqueness and utility, ensuring your chosen gift becomes a cherished possession despite its modest price tag.

Idea #1: School items for students

For students, everyday essentials can be a game-changer, making their academic journey smoother and more organized. Here are some examples you could give:

Custom Umbrellas

Custom Umbrella

Achieving the perfect balance between functionality and style, custom umbrellas not only shelter students from unexpected downpours but also offer a unique expression of their personality. With a myriad of designs or even a personal touch with their name or a favorite quote, it's an accessory they'll carry with pride, rain or shine.

At Funk Trunk, our wholesale custom umbrellas offer not only protection against the elements but also serve as a dynamic canvas for your brand's identity. Each umbrella is crafted with precision, ensuring durability while providing an unparalleled opportunity for impactful branding. 


A sturdy, stylish lunchbox can make mealtimes fun and eco-friendly. Opt for ones with compartments that help organize food and a cute design that matches the student's personality. It's a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness and a practical solution to everyday lunches.


A durable and stylish backpack can be a student's daily companion. With pockets for organization, cushioned straps for comfort, and designs that resonate with their style, a backpack isn't just a bag—it's a statement.

Idea #2: Kitchen Tools

Whether you're shopping for a budding chef or someone just setting up their kitchen for the first time, having the right kitchen tools can make a world of difference. Here are some options for kitchen tools gifts within the budget of 1,000:

Custom Chopping Boards

Custom Chopping Board

Nothing says "thoughtful" quite like a customized gift. Chopping boards are a kitchen staple, but a custom chopping board is something special. Whether engraved with their initials, a meaningful date, or a whimsical design, this board won't just chop veggies; it will deliver smiles.

With Funky Trunk’s bespoke custom chopping boards, bring not only functionality but also a touch of sophistication to every culinary endeavor. Crafted with care and tailored to your brand's vision, our chopping boards merge aesthetics with practicality. Whether for a bustling restaurant kitchen or corporate gifts, these boards are a cut above the rest.

Cutlery Set

Gone are the days of mismatched forks and spoons. Bring elegance to every meal with a chic cutlery set. Look for sets made of sustainable materials, like bamboo, to prevent rusting while promoting sustainability.

Frying Pan

Every kitchen deserves a reliable frying pan. From scrambled eggs in the morning to a sautéed dinner dish, it's a versatile tool every chef, amateur or pro, swears by. When selecting one as a gift, ensure the surface of this product is non-stick, making cooking and cleaning a breeze.

Idea #3: Clothing

While gadgets and fancy trinkets might catch the eye, there's something enduring about gifting clothing. It's a wearable reminder of someone's care and attention to your style and comfort.

Graphic Tees

Custom Shirts

Graphic tees are timeless. These can be matched with jeans for a relaxed appearance, layered beneath a blazer for a more refined ensemble, or worn with joggers for maximum comfort. When selecting a tee as a gift, consider the recipient's personality. The options are endless, from witty quotes and iconic characters to artistic designs.

The perfect blend of style, quality, and brand identity awaits you at Funk Trunk. Dive into a world where fashion meets customization with our range of wholesale custom shirts, tailored to capture the essence of your brand or personal style. Crafted from the finest materials and precision-driven designs, our shirts ensure you make a bold statement wherever you go. 

Socks with Fun Patterns

Often overlooked, socks can be a delightful gift, especially in fun, quirky patterns. Whether it's playful food designs, cute animals, or abstract patterns, these socks aren't just for keeping feet warm; they're conversation starters.


No matter the season, a stylish scarf can elevate an outfit. Lightweight, breezy scarves for summer or warm, cozy ones for winter are both functional and fashionable. Choose from various patterns, colors, and fabrics to match the recipient's taste. 

Giving clothes in bulk

At a time when sustainability and conscientious consumerism are of utmost importance, giving clothes in bulk provides a practical yet considerate solution. Bulk purchases often offer the dual advantage of cost-saving and ensuring a uniform style, whether for a family, an organization, or a group of friends. Especially within a budget of 1000 Pesos, such options can provide more value per peso, making the gifts feel even more special.

Shop at Funk Trunk Now and Let Your 1000 Pesos Go Further Than You Ever Imagined

In the ever-evolving world of retail, value for money remains paramount. At Funk Trunk, we don't just offer products; we offer experiences that redefine the worth of every peso spent. Every item on our shelves reflects a commitment to quality, innovation, and unmatched value. Your hard-earned 1000 pesos stretches beyond its numerical value, granting you access to top-tier goods that exude style, durability, and purpose. Don't just spend; invest in excellence. Shop at Funk Trunk now, and witness how we transform your 1000 pesos into an investment that resonates with style and value.


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