Our Story

We are a company based in the Philippines who makes eco-friendly gifts--by showcasing the beauty of recycled wood--and at the same time advocates sustainable living.

Our products are made from bamboo (a sustainable and low maintenance type of wood) and driftwood (or the small pieces of wood left or thrown by big manufacturing companies). They are finely crafted and designed to make most of what Mother Earth gives us so that nothing goes to waste.

We design and make eco-friendly (or earth-friendly products in which we can use everyday as substitutes to the non-biodegrable wastes we throw (like singl-use plastics), and at the same time plant and take care of trees for the future generation.

Our story dates back in 2014 when we found out that the Philippine lands are in need of trees. The country's rainforest was once covered with 70% or 21 million hectares of trees. Throughout the years, the numbers declined and comprised of only 4.6% or 6.8 million hectares (or less) in 2010. This is the effect of mining and deforestation. Deforestation caused not only for ecosystems to deteriorate, but it also affects the lives of the indigenous communities.

Our vision is to promote the goodness of living the Wood Life by having a sustainable life and being a conscious consumer.
Our mission is to aide in the reforestation and preservation of the Philippine rainforest, and providing better livelihood for our indigenous communities, in partnership with MAD Travel.

We know for a fact that old habits are had to change, but if together we can stick to a new and better habit then it will sustain a better future. 

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly." -Zero Waste Chef Anne-Marie Bonneau