The Best Solution to Fight Climate Change is...

The Best Solution to Fight Climate Change is...

Have you ever asked yourself or anyone with, "What is the best solution to fight climate change?" Have you gotten answers?

We have the answer to that question. To tell you honestly, the solution is simple but it will take everyone, if not everyone then most of us living in this planet, to contribute to execute this solution.

The BEST SOLUTION to fight climate change is to plant ONE TRILLION TREES.

According to Climate Change Ecologist Tom Crowther, we currently have 3 trillion trees worldwide. Since we still have enough space, we can plant 1.2 trillion more. With an approximate of 37 billion carbon dioxide emissions per year and the growing worldwide population, we definitely need to plant more trees and take care of them.


Although planting trees is the best solution, it is not a quick fix. According to an article by Mark Tutton on CNN, tree planting can "take 30 to 40 years of growth for the carbon storage to reach its full potential." If we need an immediate solution then we need to stop deforestation because it costs us 15 billion trees a year, according to Crowther.

Crowther emphasizes tree planting as the best and long-lasting solution to fight climate change.

"I'd like to try and champion this as a solution that everyone can get involved in. If all the millions of people who went on climate marches in recent weeks got involved in tree planting the impact would be huge." - Tom Crowther

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