What are Benefits of Using Bamboo Towels?

What are Benefits of Using Bamboo Towels?

Yes you read that right there are also bamboo towels. For sure you are curious right now what are bamboo towels, why in the world are there such towels, and what are the benefits you can get from this type of towel.

Bamboo towels are made from rayon fibers which are sourced from bamboo. They are eco-friendly because harvesting bamboos only requires 1/3 of the water used in harvesting cotton; and they do not need to spray pesticides on bamboo because pests do not bother to exploit them.

We have and promote bamboo towels because they are beneficial, in terms of quality, and also eco-friendly!

So what are the benefits you can get from bamboo towels? Here are some points:

1. Antimicrobial. Bamboo towel has microbial agent known as "kun" which gives the towel antimicrobial, antifungal, and odor resistant.

2. Highly Absorbent. The fibers of bamboo towels are "are great for taking the moisture out of anything. Their water-soaking ability is one of the most appealing things about these towels," according to toiletzone.com

3. Durable and Comfortable. The rayon from "bamboo towels start out fluffier and silkier than pure cotton towels, but they tend to get softer over time while maintaing their durability, according to bestbambooguide.com"

4. Eco-friendly. Very low water usage during growing and harvesting processes and there is no need to use pesticides in growing bamboos (Best Bamboo Guide, 2018).

If these points are not enough, then we might suggest you to try using bamboo towels (click here to shop for your first bamboo towel) and tell us your feedback! We'd love to hear them from you.

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