Water: Use less, Save More

Water: Use less, Save More

Water is an essential part of the human life. Every living species needs water. It' is one of our basic necessities. Although, water covers 70% of the world only 2.5% of it is freshwater--meaning the 2.5% is the only percentage, from the whole 70%, we can use in our daily lives.

With the growing population of people in the world--approximately more than 7 billion-- is 2.5% enough for all of us?

Despite the technology we have nowadays, not all of us can access "safe water". According to Science News (2018), most of our freshwater goes to our agricultural sector, "mainly to irrigating crops but also to raising livestock and farming aquatic organisms, such as fish and plants." As the global population increases every year, the world's freshwater decreases. 

|| Did you know that in our world today, "around 4 billion people - nearly two-thirds of the world’s population - experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year (from National Center for Biotechnology Information)". ||

Why is safe water inaccessible in different places?

According to UN-Water, people are left behind with unsafe water because of different reasons. Some of those reasons include: "social status, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, climate change, conflict, and population growth." 

What can we do to have enough supply of water for us?

Use less. Save more.

It is more of managing your daily consumption of water that will help us have enough supply. We tend to think that water is disposable and cannot be used again. We might want to think again, because the technology we have now is way different from before. We have machines that can sanitize used water so that we can reuse it again.

Remember, not all countries have enough supply of these type of machines which can sanitize and recycle water.

On our own ways we should always remember the following things:

  • Always turn off the faucet/tap and even the shower when not in use.
  • Have a plumber check your water system whenever there are leaks.

How else can we save water?

Every drop counts. There are many ways we can do to save this precious elixir.

Here are more tips on how we can save water

It is through our knowledge and care for each other where we can make change for the betterment not only for our communities, but most specially to our environment. 

This World Water Day, step up and make the change. Your small daily decisions will contribute to the future of humanity and the environment.

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