Switzerland Switches Off Nuclear Plant

Switzerland Switches Off Nuclear Plant

After 47 years, Switzerland's Muehleberg Nuclear Power Plant went off last December 20, 2019 indicating the end of atomic power in the country.

Photo from Thomson Reuters.

The 373-megawatt power plant started its operation in 1972 and had produced "electricity to cover the energy consumption of the nearby city of Bern," according to an article via Reuters.com. Its closure is the first among the five nuclear power plant in the country.

The closing of nuclear power plants in Switzerland is just one of the Swiss government's plans towards sustainable energy. In fact, the government decided to quit using hazardous and non-renewable energy in 2017. They are pushing towards sustainable energy by investing on solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.

There haven't been any confirmed dates on when the other Swiss power plants will shut down.

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