How to Have an Eco-Friendly Summer

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Summer

Sun's up, school's out (for some), and it's definitely hot. Summer is here! Planning your first eco-friendly summer vacation this year with your friends? Yes you read that right, an eco-friendly summer getaway is absolutely possible! We bet you need a list, so we came up with it so that you and your friends can use to have summer fun and at the same time help saving the environment:

1. Bambler

One of the things you and your friends need to consider is to bring your own tumbler, or in this case the Bambler, to prevent yourselves from buying drinks in plastic bottles. Remember, plastic bottles do not decompose in a year or two. A regular plastic bottle actually decomposes after 500 years. 
Aside from the convenience of bringing a Bambler (with the new carry handle), you can also either store hot or cold drinks! And whenever you need refill, you can get drinking water from hotels, hostels or at (some) AirBnB places you are staying in or at places you eat at. All you need is ask ;)

2. Sunblock or Sunscreen

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The sun's rays are both advantageous and disadvantageous to our body. The sunlight, at a certain time in the morning, can provide your body Vitamin D. According to Ryan Raman from, "The sun's ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, providing the energy for vitamin D synthesis to occur." Although the sun's UVB rays are beneficial, these rays are also not beneficial when our bodies are exposed under too much sunlight.
If you are planning to get the perfect tan, apply an ample amount of sunscreen/sunblock with both ultraviolet A (UVA) and UVB protection. The SPF number is also important in determining how many minutes or hours you can be exposed under the sun. In an article by Melissa Jeffries in, this equation can be used in order to determine how long you can stay under the sun with a given SPF: Minutes to Burn Without Sunscreen x SPF number = Your Maximum Sun Exposure in Minutes
In case of sunburn, one of the natural ways to reduce the burning effects is applying aloe vera gel on the burned area. 

3. Sunglasses

Our body does not only need protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, due to excessive exposure; our eyes also need protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and other radiation. Your sunglasses should be able to block 100% UV rays. 
You and your friends should be able to purchase and bring sunglasses that are not only fashionable or in-style but also be able to protect and take care of your eyes from harmful radiation.

4. Funkutlery

You and your friends cannot avoid dinning out or even ordering take-away food during your vacation. Make sure to bring your Funkutlery or your own cutlery with you. Bringing your own would be more hygienic and at the same time, it will prevent you from purchasing plastic spoons and forks. These plastic cutlery set you buy from groceries and convenience stores are disposable--meaning you should dispose them after use. Not only you add up to the pile of plastics that need to be decompose for 500 years or more, but you add up your expenses.
Go for the sustainable alternative! The Funkutlery set includes a pair of bamboo spoon and fork, chopsticks, knife, and a bamboo straw with cleaner.

5. Waterproof Bag

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If you're heading to the beach, it's necessary to bring a waterproof bag with you so that you can put your Bambler, Funkutlery, sunblock/sunscreen, evo bag, towel, wallet, and mobile phone inside and need not to worry if your things will get wet. Plus it's reusable! 

6. Bamboo Twist Pen

You and your friends should also consider bringing your pen, in this case a Bamboo Twist Pen, for your writing essentials, especially in signing hotel accommodation papers and the like. The bamboo pen can be personalized through engraving. Good news to you, Funk Trunk offers this service! We're just a Facebook and Instagram message away for your engraving inquiries ;)

7. Travel Towel

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Yes bring your travel towels with you just in case the place you're staying at has bulky bath towels or worst they do not offer any (yikes!) Travel towels usually do not take too much space in your bag plus air drying is possible! They're not too expensive nor too cheap, they're more hygienic, and you can show your inner Marie Kondo. You just have to find the size you prefer.

8. Eco Bag

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Are you the type of person who buys souvenirs from the new places you visit? If yes, then better bring your reusable eco bag. Souvenir shops usually use plastics as shopping bags. Then again, not only plastic bags are bad for the environment, they're not also sturdy enough to carry all the souvenirs you bought. 
Go for the sustainable alternative! Use eco bags. They are sturdy and very convenient to carry around. #NoToPlastics

9. Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap Bars

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In case you haven't heard the news that aside from bar soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars exist. They are convenient, do not take up too much space in your toiletry bag, can be used multiple times (versus shampoo and conditioner in sachets), organic, and eco-friendly!
There are many brands (i.e. Lush) and online shops offering these eco-friendly bath essentials. You just have to consider what benefits would you want your hair to get from these bars, and the budget you allot. 

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