Sharks, the Rulers of the Sea Should Not Go Extinct

Sharks, the Rulers of the Sea Should Not Go Extinct

If Lions are the Kings of the Jungle, the seas have their rulers...the Great White Sharks.

Photo from Harvard Gazette

The rulers of the sea are not like what we see in movies, in fact it goes the other way around. In fact we humans kill "100 and 273 million sharks every year," according to😞

Most of us may don't know this but the predator we are scared of (thanks to shark 🦈 movies) play a vital role in preserving the marine ecosystem. Their role involves "maintaining the species below them in the food chain and serving as an indicator for ocean health," according to EU

The sharks help in keeping the reefs thriving and resilient. But how?
According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), "Corals need lots of fish to keep algae at bay, and the sharks protect the grazing fish by eating the bigger fish that prey on them. Without sharks there would be many predatory fish eating algae-eating fish leaving the corals swamped with algae."

In the future, if they get extinct we're in big trouble. Our oceans would very much look different without them. Our marine ecosystem will suffer if we don't put a halt in killing millions of them every year. Let's conserve and preserve.

Let's choose eco-friendly and sustainable products.

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