Get Funky: The Say It Ain't So, Sunday Playlist

Get Funky: The Say It Ain't So, Sunday Playlist

It was a great weekend, and Monday is upon us yet again. But don't let those work week blues get you down! Here are a couple of tracks that will keep you company as you make the most of what's left of your Sunday, and hopefully pump you up for the awesome week ahead!


False Alarm - The Weeknd


Fuck With Myself - Banks


Electric Love - BØRNS


Kamikaze - MØ


Skylines - Glades




U - Sergioisdead feat. Merges


Wannabe - Cappa (feat. Jon Santana)


San Francisco Street - Sun Rai


Catch & Release (Deepend remix) - Matt Simons



Or play the whole list on Spotify here.

Did we mention that these tunes sound even better when played over your FunkBox? Get on it!

What's on your playlist tonight? Share your favorite tracks with us in the comments below!

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