NEWS: Spix Macaw is officially extinct

NEWS: Spix Macaw is officially extinct

Photo from Pinterest via NYX Rose

Have you watched the animated film "Rio"? It is a story of the last male Spix Macaw named Blu who was captured by smugglers when he was still a hatchling. He then lived a domesticated life in Minnesota with his human friend, Linda.
There came a news about the lone female Spix Macaw. Blu and Linda then flew from Minnesota to meet Jewel--the last female Spix Macaw-- in Rio de Janeiro. Spoiler alert: The two birds fell in love and was able to have children thus removing the Blue Macaw from the extinction list.
In real life, the story of Blu and Jewel did not happen. In fact, the Spix Macaw (one of the four Blue Macaw species) is now extinct in the wild 😔

Photo by Patrick Pleul for CBS News
According to CBS News, deforestation is the major cause of the vast majority of bird extinctions. Christina Capatides from CBS News added that, "human-cause climate change, the rampant expansion of urban areas, and increasingly extreme weather events, many of the world's animals are truly in an adapt or die situation."
The creation of the animated film "Rio" in 2011 was actually a message to all of us about the bird species' near extinction, and yet we failed to stop that. We may not be able to stop small-scale nor big-scale logging companies to stop their illegal activities, but we can make gradual changes by doing simple things on our own, like planting and taking care of trees or lessening our use of paper.
The small changes we can do in our lives will create big or even great impacts in the future. The decision still lies on you. Make the move.

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