LOOK: Top 6 Personalized Gifts This Holiday 2019

LOOK: Top 6 Personalized Gifts This Holiday 2019

Maybe you have started your holiday list or maybe not 🤔

We're here to let you know that this holiday season we are offering our earth-friendly/eco-friendly and sustainable products you can give to your loved ones or as corporate giveaways to your beloved clients. What's special about these earth-friendly items? We can personalize them for you through our FREE ENGRAVING PROMO 😉

Here are our top 6 of our products which you can customize and give as gifts:

1. The Bambler
Our improvised and bigger bamboo tumbler (or Bambler) can hold 532mL (18oz.) of your favorite hot or cold drink. It now comes with a handle in which you can carry everywhere--may it be on your next travel or road trip or even company outings and events. This stainless steel, BPA-free, and leak-proof tumbler can maintain the hotness of your drink for 12 hours, and iced drink for 24 hours--all given that it's placed under normal room temperature. (P.S. It comes with a tea filter)


2. The Bamboo Twist Pen
Under Php 200, you can give this eco-friendly twist-type pen to anyone you care about. Its sleek woodcraft design makes writing convenient and earth-friendly, plus it comes with a reusable box. You can engrave names or logos on the pen too! (P.S. You can buy the cross-type pen's refill at the bookstore)

(Click Here For Bamboo Twist Pen)

3. The Cawayan Cheeseboard
One of our new products this year comes with superior workmanship. The Cawayan Cheeseboard is by far the perfect gift for your parents, your clients, your boss, or your sister's wedding. The 8-in (in diameter) board is made from responsibly-sourced kawayan or bamboo wood. Its swivel design makes a compartment for the four-piece stainless steel cheese knives. (P.S. Engraving can be applied on the board)

(Click Here For Cawayan Cheeseboard)

4. The BambuCup
This can be your desk companion or mom/dad's desk companion too! The 520ml (17.6oz) bamboo cup is made from responsibly-sourced kawayan or bamboo wood. It is a double-walled insulated BPA-free cup keeps your drink hot for 4 hours and your drink cold for 8 hours--under normal temperature. It's spill-safe lid will not worry you from getting your drink spilled on the table. (P.S. You can ask the friendly barista to fill in your favorite drink using this cup instead of the disposable ones)


5. The Cawayan French Press
Good coffee comes from good and natural brewing process. Coffee is best served in its most eco-friendly state. The 600ml Cawayan French Press will surely give you the boost you need for the day because you can make your coffee according to your taste. Did you know that our French Press' Stainless Steel filter will also let fave coffee retain it natural oils giving you the finest taste. Its Borosilicate Glass is the perfect resistance to thermal shock (vs. common glass) so that your hot coffee will maintain its robust natural flavor. (P.S. It can serve 2-3 cups of coffee goodness)

(Click Here for Cawayan French Press)

6. The Funkutlery (or Bamboo Cutlery)
Our Funkutlery or bamboo cutlery is made from 100% responsibly-sourced kawayan or bamboo wood. It comes with three-piece cutlery set (spoon, fork, knife) plus plastic-free chopsticks, bamboo straw, and straw cleaner--all placed in an eco-friendly pouch. You can always say no to plastic because of its portable and on-the-go design. (P.S. Engraving can be placed on the sewn wooden chip of the pouch)

(Click Here for Funkutlery or Bamboo Cutlery)


For a hassle-free engraving, you can customize your engraving online too. Visit this page so that you can navigate our customizing tool: Personalizing/Engraving

Let's end plastic pollution by giving earth-friendly, sustainable, and personalized gifts this holiday season. Thank you also for supporting local products because with your every purchase we are able to plant and take care of trees, plus we are able to support indigenous communities here in the Philippines. 🍃🌿🌱

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