Five Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic

Five Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic

Habits are hard to change especially if you have been doing them for quite a long time--maybe half of your life or more! Usually we change our habits due to our decisions and preferences so that we can adapt to our surroundings. 

In our world today, we are bombarded with articles and even our friends' Facebook posts on how we can minimise our use of single-use plastics.

So why do we see such posts? Do plastics directly affect us?
We see these posts because people we know are concerned with our daily consumption of such non-eco friendly waste. And YES, plastics directly (and indirectly) affect us.

I bet you have been trying to minimise your single-use plastic consumption, or maybe not because it's hard not to use them because they are everywhere and it's hard to change an old habit.

Let me tell you that it's better to start a new and better habit in small steps rather than taking big ones. Why? It's because your mind and body needs to take a certain amount of time to learn a new habit.

Because of this, we have listed five (5) easy ways on how we can lessen our plastic consumption:



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