Fasting: How to Free Yourself From Using Plastics?

Fasting: How to Free Yourself From Using Plastics?

What do you know about fasting? Do you think of it as either a way to be healthy? Or as a traditional practice for your faith? 

The original definition of fasting is your willingness to abstain or to lessen your consumption of all (or some) food and/or drinks. Fasting can either be an act to start your transition from eating unhealthy food to consuming healthier ones, or a practice from the faith you believe in. Nowadays, aside from food, people have also been considering abstinence from unhealthy habits as their fasting. 

Have you thought of fasting from too much usage of your social media accounts? Or from spending too much time on using your gadgets? Or even from using single-use plastics? 

Fasting from unhealthy habits gives you great benefits. Fasting can change how you view and live your life! It can also affect other people (and other living things) positively. You just have to arm yourself with a great deal of discipline and a handful of resourcefulness during your fasting journey.

One of the simplest (and might be the most challenging) habit you can fast is lessening and in the long run freeing yourself from using single-use plastics. It means you will be lessening and eventually freeing yourself from disposable plastics like "plastic bags, straws, water and soda bottles, coffee stirrers, cups, and most food food packaging." This type of fasting does not only help you change a habit, it also helps you be part of the community of people who wants to save the environment.

What are the things you need to consider before you start your plastic-free fasting:

1. Tons of discipline and resourcefulness;

2. A bag for eco-friendly and sustainable items--this bag can help you not to forget your non-plastic items;

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3. Your eco-friendly and sustainable items;

4. A diary (maybe) to write your plastic-free journey;

5. And everyday reminders on your mobile phone's calendar app to say #NoToPlastics

Buying eco-friendly and sustainable products can be expensive. But if you have fully decided to help in saving the environment, you might need to buy eco-friendly items with your money's worth. You don't need to buy all eco-friendly products at once (you'll go bankrupt for sure!), you just need to allot part of your budget in buying one or two items at a time.

Your journey to a plastic-free life will be hard on the first week or month but when you get the hang of it, it will be easier. Just remember to take small steps because in the long run, the steps you've taken will result to great leaps through the lives and planet you saved.

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