Did You Know: Writing By Hand Makes You Smarter

Did You Know: Writing By Hand Makes You Smarter

Today, technologies are changing the play field and are also replacing traditions we used to know. Remember the times before class starts and we were very excited to buy new stuff for school? New pencils, new books, new pens, and even new notebooks?

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Calling all Gen Z's, Millennials, Gen X's, and Baby Boomers! Were we all very nit-picky what notebook should be used for each of our subject in school? Were we all looking at notebook covers and the texture the of the inner pages? Raise you hand if you did look for suitable notebook covers with smooth notebook pages (or leaves) for writing.

Since technology is consequently replacing traditional writing due to free apps on our phones or tablets, writing on notebooks is not the fad, and is already old school.

At Funk Trunk, we're going to bring back the fad but this time it will be an eco-friendly fad to start Living the Wood Life. You can get to engrave anything on your notebook plus the notebook cover is made from responsibly-sourced recycled wood AND the inner pages (or leaves) are made from recycled paper (don't worry the papers are smooth to write on 😉).

Living the Wood Life Notebook + Pen priced at Php 499.00

Why would you still write on a notebook? It's because of these five facts from an article in 2015 from Oxford Learning:

1. Writing by hand itself is a stress reliever plus it helps you focus and improve your attention.

2. It increases "creativity and deepen learning keeping the brain sharp."

3. It improves memory and retention. It also helps you increase comprehension because it involves more senses and motor neurons versus typing.

4. It gives a sense of well-being and improves your mood. It "helps flesh out thoughts in an orderly manner, leading to burdens feeling lighter."

5. Some studies show that writing with gratitude, especially before going to bed, improves sleep. It helps you have a positive outlook and feel fresh when you wake up for a brand new day ahead.

Start your eco-friendly journey and be grateful for the things you have. Blurt out those negative feelings and write them down on your own Wood Life Notebook + Pen and improve your mood.

It's not too late to start a brand new day and start living the Wood Life 🌱

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