Did You Know: The Largest Underwater Trash Cleanup

Did You Know: The Largest Underwater Trash Cleanup

It is not everyday you'll hear someone or an organization breaking a Guinness World record that is related to an act in saving the environment...in this case the ocean.

Last Saturday, June 15, 2019, a group of 633 divers gathered at Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier in Florida and wore their wetsuits and air tanks to participate in an underwater trash cleanup. 

The beach cleanup was "aimed to show that conservation brings more people together now than ever before," according to Domino Albert from Project AWARE. Guinness World Record Adjudicator Michael Empric conducted the official diver count. The 633 divers broke the previous record of Egypt wherein 615 divers participated in the underwater cleanup of the Red Sea.

 Photo from CNN

Photo from ProjectAWARE.org

Photo from ProjectAWARE.org

According to CNN and Forbes, the divers were able to collect "9,000 items of marine debris, including 3,200 pounds of fishing gear" or "at least 1,626 pounds of trash and 60 pounds of fishing line."

The annual beach cleanup titled Save Deerfield Beach Event was organized by Dixie Divers and Deerfield Beach Women's Club and gained support from Project AWARE and PADI®. 

Having the heart to make a decision to take small steps in saving the environment will lead to positive results especially when we do it all together.

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