Bringing Out the Plantita and Plantito in You

Bringing Out the Plantita and Plantito in You

Have you notice your social media lately and saw some of your friends post about their plants? If not, then maybe (just maybe) after reading this you'll start the trend 😉

Photo from The New Yorker

Plants are not only for interior designing purposes, but they have health benefits if you display and take care of them and become part of your home. From cactus, indoor palm plants to foliage plants, you name it! So what are the indoor plants you may want to consider to take care of?

Here are top five indoor plants for a newbie plantito or plantita:

1. Aloe Vera

Photo from Good Housekeeping

Aside from the natural skin care benefits, keeping an Aloe Vera plant inside your house removes formaldehyde and benzene from the air. It also absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night according to Real Living PH.

2. Spider Plant

Photo from Bloomscape

The Spider Plant is easy to maintain. It purifies and removes harmful toxins in the air. Do not for get to water everyday during warm days (especially during summer).

3. Snake Plant

Photo from The Sill

This plant improves indoor air quality. It is also extremely-drought resistant--meaning it can still survive even if you forget to water it on your usual schedule.

4. Rubber Tree

Photo from Tierra Plants

A Rubber Tree can grow up to 8 feet tall. According to Real Living PH, "Maintenance includes occasional pruning, repotting, and allowing the soil to dry out in between watering. The rubber tree thrives from medium to bright lighting conditions."

5. Lucky Bamboo

Photo from Good Housekeeping

A Lucky Bamboo Plant needs adequate water and can grow under indirect light.

Although these plants are easy to take care of, you should be responsible enough to check if they are still thriving. Indoor plants can thrive in semi-shade places or less water, but do not forget that they still need enough sunlight and water to grow and in the long run propagate.

Plants are like mini trees we can bring indoor. They help in purifying the air inside your home and the same time add aesthetic design. 🌱

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