NEWS: Are You Up for The #Trashtag Challenge?

NEWS: Are You Up for The #Trashtag Challenge?

#ALSIceBucketChallenge #RunningManChallenge #MannequinChallenge or #InMyFeelingsDanceChallenge. Are you familiar with the hashtags? and are you part of the millions of people who used one of the hashtags after doing the challenges? If you have heard or have been part of different challenges online, then that means you're very much updated as to what is up in the internet community. 

This month of March, there has been a viral hashtag dominating the internet community. Have you heard of the #Trashtag or the #BasuraChallenge? According to some, it is "the coolest challenge ever." In fact, some also said that the challenge brought "little bit more" of their faiths in humanity.

What is this challenge all about? How was it spread?

The challenge originally started in 2015 as a project by ecology activist Steven Reinhold through Teiton Gravity Research. This year, it resurfaced in the online community when Byron Román posted on March 5 a before-and-after photo of Algerian ecologist and activist Drici Tani Younes on Facebook with caption, "Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it."

After two weeks, the post received more than a hundred thousand comments and was shared by more than 300,000 users only on Facebook. People across the globe, especially the teens, were up to the challenge! They were all very receptive. In fact, some of them were very happy with what they did not only for their community but most specially for the environment.


Even Internet celebrities did their share on promoting the challenge, such as Zach King through his Twitter and Instagram posts.

In case you would like to be part of this challenge here are the things you need to do: (1) Take a photo of the current situation of the place you are planning to clean up; (2) Clean up the area--have fun!; (3) After cleaning, take a photo of the place or have a selfie with the newly cleaned up area. Make sure you have proper attire, gears, or equipment in cleaning up places especially those with hazardous wastes.

The challenge brought everyone from different parts of the globe to unite, in order to promote the benefits of doing our responsibility to properly dispose our trash. Cleaning can be fun especially when done in groups. Share the challenge to your family and friends, and be part of the trend.

Be part of the challenge in saving our environment.

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