Twig Wooden Key Organizer (Bamboo)
Twig Wooden Key Organizer (Bamboo)

Twig Wooden Key Organizer (Bamboo)

Are you constantly annoyed by the dangling of your keys? Especially when you put it in your pocket and pokes your thighs? 

If yes, say no more! The Twig Wooden Key Organizer (Bamboo) was made for you! No more dangling keys, poking of the thighs, and damaging pants. The Twig is the smartest way you can organise your keys. You can fit up to 10 keys without the annoying key jingling, and bulkiness in the pants! It also comes with a bottle opener and wrench utility tool.

Best parts are: (the wood is also made from recycled wood and you can engrave* your name on it. Awesome, huh?

Did you know? If you purchase a product from us, we will plant and take care of a tree as part of our mission🌱

*NOTE: To customise your Twig, click here for details.

How to Assemble Your Twig Key Organizer: