Let's plant more trees & make Mother Earth a more sustainable place to live in🍃
Funk Trunk Bamboo Twist Pen with box
You can easily put your Funk Trunk Bamboo Twist pen in your pocket without worrying it will fall off
Funk Trunk Bamboo Twist Pen for your everyday writing convenience
Funk Trunk's Bamboo Twist Pen is your convenient writing companion.
The Bamboo Twist Pen and Bambucup are your perfect eco-friendly desk companions

Bamboo Twist Pen

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword-- but it is mightiest when it helps in saving the environment! The Bamboo Twist Pen is made from sustainable recycled wood. It's the twistable type for your writing convenience. Best to engrave your name or logo so you can give it as a gift and spread the word of sustainability.

  • It comes with a box.
  • Ink refills can be bought at bookstores.

Gross Weight (excluding box): 55 grams

*Note: Free name/logo/monogram engraving on the pen, click here for details.