Bamboo Hand Towel
Bamboo Hand Towel
Bamboo Hand Towel

Bamboo Hand Towel

Did you know that towels made from bamboo are fluffier and silkier than pure cotton?
Tadah! The Bamboo Towel is made of rayon (sourced from Bamboo). It is eco-friendly because bamboo itself is an eco-friendly fiber which is organically grown without fertilizers or pesticides!

Using is believing.
Why would you need to have a Bamboo Towel:

- Hypoallergenic
- Highly Absorbent and Ultra-Soft (versus cotton)
- Durability at its best (even after numerous washes)
- Resistant to odour, mold, and mildew
- Has natural antibacterial properties
- Machine Washable

Size: 35 cm. x 70 cm.
Gross Weight: 100 grams

Did you know? If you purchase a product from us, we will plant and take care of a tree as part of our mission🌱