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Bamboo Chopping Board

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A sturdy Bamboo Chopping Board for your kitchen and meal preparations.
(For personalization or wood engraving instructions, click here. Minimal engraving design only)

Product details:
✔️ Has antibacterial properties
✔️ Made from 100% durable bamboo wood
✔️ Size: 11.5in (length), 7.5in (width), 0.6in (height)

💡 View Use and Care Instructions, here:

Product Details

The ideal kitchen tool for experienced and novice cooks is the Funk Trunk Bamboo Chopping Board. Many characteristics set the Funk Trunk Bamboo Chopping Board apart from other chopping boards on the market. Its 11.5 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and only 0.6 inches thick, making it easy to fit into any kitchen arrangement or small drawer without taking up much space. Also, thanks to its unique shape, you may safely hold it in one hand while using the other to prepare food! However, the natural anti-bacterial qualities of this bamboo chopping board are what sets it apart and are crucial for safeguarding your family's health when cooking meals at home.

Personalization and Engraving Options

Want to add a personal touch? Here are our personalization and engraving options!

  1. Choose your chosen Funk Trunk item’s page.
  2. Scroll down and click the “Customize It” button.
  3. Do your customizations. Add text, change the font style, and even adjust the text size and placement.
  4. Make sure the text does not exceed the white space.
  5. Add your logo and change its size and placement. Make sure your logo fits inside the item and doesn't go into the blank space on the page. Use photos in the .PNG format that is at least 500px by 500px in size.
  6. Check the Customify ID beside the product while viewing Your Cart to ensure that your engraving request has been applied to your order.
  7. If you have other engraving requests or suggestions, email

For thorough engraving instructions, click here.

Use and Care Instructions

Cleaning: This bamboo chopping board should be hand-washed only. Make sure to clean with a damp cloth, mild soap, and water.

Drying: Dry using a towel. Store it in a dry, well-ventilated area away from extreme hot/cold temperatures.

To prolong its life: You can oil the product’s wood portion using either vegetable or olive oil.

To maintain its appearance: Rub the product occasionally with food-grade mineral oil.

Avoid submerging in water or placing in a dishwasher and exposing it to extreme heat.

Shipping Information

If you are within Metro Manila, we offer in-house delivery, personal pick-up at our Quezon City office (Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 5 PM), or choose your own courier. If you are choosing your own courier, make sure to share with us the details of the rider.

If you are outside Metro Manila, we have a third-party courier, J&T Express. We ship out items every Friday.

If you are outside the Philippines, XPost is our courier. Take note that taxes and other postage costs will be at your own expense.

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Bamboo Chopping Board
Bamboo Chopping Board
Bamboo Chopping Board
Bamboo Chopping Board
Bamboo Chopping Board

Bamboo Chopping Board for Corporate Giveaways

Bamboo is one of the world's fastest-growing plants, and it can be harvested ethically without destroying forest areas or affecting ecosystems. Funk Trunk has a line of organically grown bamboo cutting boards that are beautifully designed and make great corporate gifts. Each piece is crafted with careful attention to detail, giving it an elegant look that will impress your customers and employees. It's a thoughtful gesture to give out something that can be used daily and is environmentally friendly. Make sure to order in bulk so you can get huge discounts!

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Personalize your own Bamboo Chopping Board

This Funk Trunk Bamboo Chopping Board features a sleek and modern design and is crafted from sustainably grown bamboo that is incredibly sturdy and resistant to bacterial growth. In addition, its beautiful appearance can complement any design.With Funk Trunk's Bamboo Chopping Boards, you'll receive more than merely a unique item; you'll receive something entirely personalized and crafted with utmost care. Personalize your bamboo chopping boards now with Funk Trunk's laser engraving services!

Personalize Bamboo Chopping Board


At Funk Trunk, we believe it is essential that we know how our consumers feel about our products and services, thus we actively seek their feedback. We are really interested in what our consumers have to say about our brand so that we can better serve them in the future. Our mission is to ensure that every customer has a positive experience with our brand while also protecting the environment.

Brand Promise

Our environmental commitment extends beyond producing environmentally friendly items. Healthy trees are critical to a healthy ecosystem and a broad range of livelihoods around the world. As a result, our goal is to plant one million trees by 2028. You get a fantastic product when you buy from us, and you help us achieve our aim of making the future more sustainable. Let us all work together to improve the world.


Is bamboo good for a cutting board?

Bamboo is dense and good at keeping water and juices out, just like cherry wood. It is light and easy to clean, which makes it a good material for cutting boards.

Which cutting board is best wood or bamboo?

The ideal cutting board for your needs is mainly determined by personal preference. However, when selecting a cutting board, both wood, and bamboo are excellent options.

Do bamboo cutting boards absorb bacteria?

Bamboo is more resistant to bacteria than other woods because it absorbs very little moisture and does not scar easily when cut.