Our Wood Life Story

We make choices in our everyday lives. In every step we take, we make big and small decisions that can significantly affect our lives and even the environment.

In 2014, a small group of friends made a choice to build a pro-environment company named Funk Trunk.

We are For the Trees. We strongly believe that trees are the major sources of different livelihoods. From the clean air we breathe to the foundation of most homes, trees make up significantly our everyday lives. In the past decades, the number of trees has rapidly decreased. With this, air pollution is present and habitats (of animals) are ruined because of our continuous unsustainable use of wood. Seeing the effects of fewer trees motivated us to be advocates of the environment by continuously fulfilling our mission to plant trees.

philstar photo of Philippine forest
We promote everyday sustainable living through our products. Made from recycled wood, we quality-craft earth-friendly gifts to promote a sustainable lifestyle and replace our use of single-use plastics and other non-biodegradables. We design eco-friendly gifts for a purpose: to plant and take care of a tree for every product purchased.

On changing lifestyles

Shifting to a new lifestyle can be a challenge but we'll be here for you as your sustainability companions. We'll be sharing stories of sustainability, and even provide practical tips to make your everyday sustainable living easier.

Let's make a decision and choose sustainability with a purpose.