Our Wood Life Story

There are two truths people are experiencing right now: (1) global warming and (2) too much dependency on single-use plastics.

According to National Geographic (2019), “glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, forests are dying, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace.” People are responsible for what is happening to the environment. Planet Earth knows how to heal itself, but it cannot keep up with our pace. The continuous population growth is the main reason for this phenomenon. As the population grows, Earth’s natural resources need to keep up with our human needs. The problem lies within people’s incapability of replacing what was used from the environment, and of choosing disposables instead of reusables.

global warming plastic pollution

(Left) Photo from TRT World; (Right) Photo by Jordi Chias from Natural History Museum

People’s use of single-use plastics and even non-biodegradables is choking the planet. According to the World Wildlife Foundation (or WWF), an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic goes to our oceans every year--“that’s one dump truck every minute! It’s projected that by the year 2050, the total amount of plastic waste will weigh more than all the fish in the oceans, and 99%of seabirds will have ingested plastics.”

The solution to these problems lies in one’s chosen lifestyle. 

Choosing to have a sustainable lifestyle is one of the solutions to two ongoing global crises. Having a sustainable lifestyle means one is capable of reusing what the person already has, and reducing the carbon footprint.

Since 2014, Funk Trunk promotes the better choice through the Wood Life. Funk Trunk is composed of individuals dedicated to empowering individuals to choose and live the Wood Life. The Wood Life is the combination of promoting and living a sustainable lifestyle, and caring for the forests by planting and taking care of trees.

Through the years, Funk Trunk continuously designs eco-friendly gifts to replace our use of single-use plastics, disposables, and other non-biodegradables. We make sure our earthly gifts are finely crafted from recycled wood to make most of what Earth gives us, and nothing goes to waste. Aside from the gifts, we share practical ways on how to start and live sustainably and also advocate in reforestation of the Philippine forests.

We, humans, don’t have to be perfect in doing all the things needed to have a sustainable lifestyle; what we need to do is to make better choices every day for our environment. 

Through our better choices, we can make a better future for the next generations.