Our Mission: The Wood Life

Tropical Rainforest used to cover 70% (or 21 million hectares) of the Philippine lands. Throughout the years, it declined and comprised of only 4.6% (or 6.8 million hectares) in 2010 due to effects of mining and other environmentally harmful activities. 

Funk Trunk was created out of a desire to reforest and preserve the Philippine Rainforest, and promote sustainable living and conscious consumerism-- thus The Wood Life. Through The Wood Life:

1. We promote the conservation of the environment by doing little things consistently for the environment.

2. We enrich every individual with knowledge and awareness of what is happening to our environment, and how the current situation affects communities, cities, and even countries.

3. We encourage people to minimise waste and carbon footprint by choosing and using sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Advocating the Wood Life leads us to fulfill our main mission: "To plant one (1) tree for every item purchased."