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Bamboo Powerbank

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Charge your phone while traveling or on-the-go with our lightweight Bamboo Powerbank.
(For personalization/wood engraving instructions, click here)

Product details:
✔️ To prevent total drainage of your mobile phone's battery
✔️ Mini powerbank with 10,000mAh
✔️ Can also charge an iPad or Android tablet
✔️ Pocket-friendly and anti-static
✔️ Comes with a USB Micro B cable
✔️ Size: 1.5cm (thickness), 12cm (length), 5cm (width)
✔️ Gross Weight (with box): 180g

Product Details

The Bamboo Powerbank is an ultra-compact rechargeable power pack that packs a punch. It has a 10,000mAh battery, which gives you more than enough power to get through the day, even if you use it a lot. It's small and light enough to fit in your bag or pocket, and the anti-static material makes it great for any situation. In addition, it is packed with a USB-B cable, so you won't have to worry about getting another cord. All in all, it's an essential gadget for people on the go!

Personalization and Engraving Options

Want to add a personal touch? Here are our personalization and engraving options!

  1. Choose your chosen Funk Trunk item’s page.
  2. Scroll down and click the “Customize It” button.
  3. Do your customizations. Add text, change the font style, and even adjust the text size and placement.
  4. Make sure the text does not exceed the white space.
  5. Add your logo and change its size and placement. Make sure your logo fits inside the item and doesn't go into the blank space on the page. Use photos in the .PNG format that is at least 500px by 500px in size.
  6. Check the Customify ID beside the product while viewing Your Cart to ensure that your engraving request has been applied to your order.
  7. If you have other engraving requests or suggestions, email

For thorough engraving instructions, click here.

Use and Care Instructions

Cleaning: This bamboo power bank should be cleaned by wiping the product with a towel, tissue, or cloth.

To prolong its life: You can oil the product’s wood portion using either vegetable or olive oil.

To maintain its appearance: Rub the product occasionally with food-grade mineral oil.

Avoid submerging in water or placing in a dishwasher and exposing it to extreme heat.

Shipping Information

If you are within Metro Manila, we offer in-house delivery, personal pick-up at our Quezon City office (Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 5 PM), or choose your own courier. If you are choosing your own courier, make sure to share with us the details of the rider.

If you are outside Metro Manila, we have a third-party courier, J&T Express. We ship out items every Friday.

If you are outside the Philippines, XPost is our courier. Take note that taxes and other postage costs will be at your own expense.

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Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank

Bamboo Powerbank for Corporate Giveaways

Tech goodies are becoming one of the most popular corporate giveaways as they offer functionality. Using a powerbank as a corporate giveaway is a great way to show your team how much you appreciate and value them. Bamboo power banks are a good choice if you want something different and attractive. There are many things about bamboo powerbanks that make them great for this job. With the help of bamboo power banks, you can keep your phone and other devices charged during meetings and events. Their design is simple, but it works: they are small enough to fit in your pocket and have anti-static properties to protect them from damage caused by everyday use. Not only will you be able to charge people's devices quickly and easily, but you'll also be able to show that your company cares about saving energy and protecting the planet from more environmental damage. Make sure to order in bulk to get huge discounts!

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Personalize your own Bamboo Powerbank

Personalizing a Bamboo powerbank could be the best way to give a gift that will be remembered and used for a long time. With Funk Trunk laser engraving, giving your gifts a unique touch is easy. This service lets you put any design you want on a Bamboo powerbank, such as a favorite quote, a logo, or a message. Your creation will last forever, giving your gifts a unique touch that won't go away over time. Your recipient will surely love this as it is super functional and sustainable.

Personalize Bamboo Powerbank


At Funk Trunk, we think it's important to know how our customers feel about our products and services, so we ask them for feedback. We want to know what people think about our brand so we can improve how we serve them in the future. Our goal is to make sure that every customer has a good experience with our business and to protect the environment at the same time.

Brand Promise

Trees are important to the survival of many different kinds of life. We have promised to plant one tree for every transaction because healthy trees signify a healthy ecosystem. Our goal is to plant one million trees by 2028. This will make life more sustainable. We are also dedicated to making and designing high-quality items that are good for the environment and can be reused. Our method takes the environment into account and is driven by a desire to help our planet.


Which brand of power bank is best?

One of the most popular brands on the market is Anker. Anker offers a wide variety of power banks in different shapes and capacities ranging from 10,000 mAh up to 20,000 mAh. However, if you want something sustainable, you can go for Funk Trunk’s Bamboo power banks!

What brand of power bank is trusted?

When it comes to choosing a power bank, trustworthiness is an important factor. When you’re looking for a reliable and safe power bank, it’s best to go with a well-known brand. Popular brands like Anker and RAVPower have consistently been at the forefront when it comes to producing quality products that can be relied on for your mobile charging needs.

Which power bank is long lasting?

When it comes to power banks that last a long time, the Bamboo Powerbank stands out. Not only does it have a 10,000 mAH battery, which is more than enough for long use, but it is also the most durable thing I've ever seen. It's made of bamboo, which is a renewable resource, and has a sleek, ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry around.