Bamboo French Press

Bamboo French Press

Coffee is best served in its natural and earth-friendly state. The Bamboo French Press will surely give you the boost you need for the day because you can make your coffee according to your taste (Hint: use a fine ground coffee for a bitter taste).

The Bamboo French Press Stainless Steel filter will also let your morning cup retain the natural oils giving you the finest taste. Its Borosilicate Glass is the perfect resistance to thermal shock (vs. common glass) so that your hot coffee will maintain its robust natural flavor.

The 600mL French Press is good for 2 to 3 servings of good and earth-friendly coffee. It is also a great sustainable and zero waste gift (or souvenir) because we can engrave a name or a logo on the lid--made from 100% responsibly-sourced Kawayan or Bamboo Wood.