Did You Know: World's First Single-Use Plastic Free Flight

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The Portuguese airline Hi Fly is the first ever "jet-age passenger flight" which did not use any single-use plastic item on board.

Photo from Twitter.com/hifly_airline

The world's first plastic-free flight operated on December 26, after Christmas Day of 2018. The passengers of the flight from Lisbon to Natal, Brazil had experienced the first one-of-a-kind flight trip wherein "plastic cups were replaced by glass and paper cups; food was served in bio-plastic and plant-based compostable boxes, and plates and bowls made from China; and the cutlery is made of bamboo which can be washed and reused," according to Buzzfeed News.


The bamboo cutlery from Hi Fly's plastic-free flight is similar to the Funkutlery

In an article by The Telegraph, the flight on December 26 is one of the three single-use plastic-free flights using the Airbus 340, which carries around 700 passengers per flight. According to Hi Fly President Paulo Mirpuri, their aim is to "adopt a plastic-free policy on all its flights by the end of 2019." In fact, the test flights will prevent the use of 350kg of indestructible and environmentally-harmful single-use plastics.

Photo from Twitter.com/hifly_airline

The Hi Fly Airline "an airline specialized in high quality Wet Lease & Charter services" and covers 400 destinations and 200 airlines worldwide. With the implementation of its environmental advocacy against using single-use plastics, it poses a challenge to other transportation services to be part of the solution in reducing and in the long-run eliminating the use of single-use plastics in order to address the long-term threats of global warming and prevent the 2050 scenario.

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