WATCH: School of Cownose Ray Caught on Drone

WATCH: School of Cownose Ray Caught on Drone



Have you watched the video above either on Facebook, Twitter nor Instagram?
It is actually a drone shot of a school of Cownose Ray at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. The video was taken by @dronesharkapp and posted on their Instagram page last May 16, 2019. Since then, the video post already has 54,000 views and still counting!

By the way, for sure you are wondering what are Cownose Rays.

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Cownose Rays are "moderately sized stingray native to the western Atlantic Ocean," according to They are named as such "for their distinctly creased head lobes that resemble the nose of a cow." Being active swimmers, they can reach depths up tp 72 feet (or 22 meters). Currently, "experts consider this species ‘near threatened’ with extinction."

Although this marine species have poisonous stingers, they do "pose a minimal risk to humans stepping on their spine," as said by

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