5 Types of Adventurers in Every Barkada

5 Types of Adventurers in Every Barkada

One of the most comforting things in life is knowing that no matter what happens, your barkada will always have your back. No matter how different you guys are, you know that you can always count on your friendship to bring you together come hell, high water and hella cheap airline fares!

Being part of a barkada that has such different personalities makes for some really interesting out of town trips. Which one of these types of travelers are you and your friends?


1. The YOLO Traveler

You’ll be hard-pressed to find the YOLO traveler in the city on the weekend. This person is almost constantly on the road, making the most of their SLs and VLs, because they believe in using all of their free time to see every inch of the world. They jump at every and any chance to travel, itinerary optional.

2. The Loner

The Loner is pretty peaceful to travel with—that is, when they don’t suddenly disappear and start exploring on their own. They also have a habit of inviting people on their trips then going on their own without prior notice. You admire their independence and courage, and they’re the best person to get travel tips and advice from.

3. The Feed Goals Friend

The Feed Goals traveler has a gift for making places (and their selfies) the envy of everyone—even the people who were on the same trip! Sure, it gets annoying when they stop for a picture every five minutes, but you can always count on them to capture your trip for posterity, as well as get an awesome new profile picture of you!

4. The Soul Searcher

The Soul Searcher is always eager to travel and experience new things, so they usually end up becoming the driving force that gets you and your friends out of town. Aside from spending a lot of time staring out of windows or at the view and contemplating, you can count on them to find adventures off the beaten path. It’s always great to have a friend that lets you tag along on their search for themselves. Who knows, one of these trips you might even find yourself as well.

5. The Vicarious Traveler

The Vicarious traveler is the friend who always says they’re down to travel but backs out at the last minute. They’re perfectly content with living their adventures vicariously through their barkada. Maybe they’re just not down to backpack, stay at hostels or be a cowboy for a weekend, or maybe they really are too busy to make the trip. Whatever the case, the times that they do manage to come along is always one for the books!


Whichever kind of traveler you are, don’t forget to bring your trusty FunkTrunk sunglasses and phone case with you to make your next barkada trip extra funky!

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