NEWS: World's First Photo of an Albino Panda

NEWS: World's First Photo of an Albino Panda

The Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China released the first image of what it seems to be an all-white giant panda crossing through forest floor. The said photo was taken last April 2019 through an infrared camera.

Photo by AFP/Getty Images via The Guardian

According to an article via The Guardian, the all-white body and reddish eyes of the panda were caused by albinism--"a rare genetic condition in which there is a total or partial lack of the skin pigment melanin."

The panda appeared to be "physically strong and a steady gait." The local researchers estimated the panda to be one or two years old. Spotting an albino panda is very rare. Although giant pandas are native to China, they are the rarest member of the bear species.

Given the rare sighting, the authorities will install several infrared cameras in order to monitor the development of the albino panda. Scientists also expressed their hope in seeing the albino panda's offspring.

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