NEWS: The Sumatran Rhino Is Now Extinct

NEWS: The Sumatran Rhino Is Now Extinct

It is declared that the Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia is officially extinct, according to National Geographic.

Followed by the death of the last male Sumatran Rhino, Tam, is the passing of the last female Sumatran Rhino, Iman--who died last Saturday, November 23, due to cancer. 

According to Sabah State’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Christine Liew, Iman was given their best care since her capture in March 2014 up to the day she passed away.

The Sumatran Rhino is the smallest among the rhino family. These rhinos are nearly gone. "With fewer than 80 Sumatran rhinos left, a new project launched to save the species," according to National Geographic.

The last 80 (or even less) Sumatran Rhinos are all found in Indonesia.

where are the rhinos

Where are the last rhinos? (Photo from National Geographic)

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