Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

So much happens in our daily lives that sometimes we sacrifice the things we believe in for the sake of comfort and convenience—whether it’s saying yes to plastic straws when we get take out or using disposable plates and utensils when we have to work late at night.

Fret not, Earth warrior! We here at Funk Trunk are committed to taking care of our planet, and we're all about taking steps towards conservation, no matter how small they may seem. It doesn’t mean making drastic changes to your entire lifestyle; reducing your carbon footprint is as easy as doing the following:

1. Get eco-friendly in the office

Take the time out to print documents on the blank side of an old sheet, switch to using pencils and eco-friendly pens, or trade your usual notebook in for a better one made out of recycled paper! Just check out these awesome ones from Treehugger!

2. Unplug your chargers

Chargers that aren’t in use but stay plugged in are basically electricity vampires—unplugging them can save you loads off your power bill and help conserve energy to boot!

3. Carpool

On average, a Manileño spends about 1,000 hours stuck in traffic per year. That’s 700 more hours compared to countries with better urban planning, so you can just imagine the amount of carbon dioxide that each car releases into the air! Cut down on those emissions by hitching with friends or joining a local carpool. Better yet, take your bike out! Just be sure to stay safe!

4. Support local

Buying food and produce from local vendors not only reduces your carbon footprint, it also helps keep local businesses and communities alive. You get to enjoy fresh, delicious fare at lower prices, while helping support other people’s livelihoods in a more tangible way.

5. Plant a tree

Who ever said that said that saving the Earth wasn’t fun? Thanks to organizations like MAD Travel, you can turn conservation into a great weekend activity! After all, there really isn’t anything more beautiful than a tree.


Got any other Earth conservation tips? Share them with us in the Comments Section below! We've only got #OnePlanetlet's work together to take care of it!

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