The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts in 2023

Global warming is becoming increasingly evident, and the least we can do is start going and choosing sustainability. As the world becomes even more aware of the devastating effects that consumer habits have on the environment, businesses are shifting towards eco-friendly corporate gifts. More and more people are paying attention to the company handout at business events as the trend toward sustainability spreads throughout society.

Sourcing environmentally responsible products can be daunting, but with this guide, you can finish it in a snap. This comprehensive guide will explain why it's so important for businesses to include environmentally aware corporate gifts in their giving strategy and showcase some great options for green swag that you can use at your next big event.

What is Sustainable Corporate Gifting?

Sustainable corporate gifting is an approach to giving gifts that prioritize sustainability, reduce environmental impacts and reduce costs. It entails procuring presents that are produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, without sacrificing aesthetics or quality. Sustainable corporate gifting specifically aims to minimize the use of nonrenewable resources, generate minimal pollution, and promote the ethical treatment of workers throughout the production process. Sustainable corporate gifts include eco-friendly apparel, bamboo products, organic foods, Fair Trade items such as baskets or handmade jewelry, recycled/repurposed items such as journals made from old books or upcycled furniture, solar-powered gadgets, and biodegradable promotional items such as pens and pencils made from plant-based materials.

Why is Giving Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Important?

Corporate gifting has become an integral part of the business world and is used to strengthen business relationships, express gratitude to customers and employees, and distribute promotional items. As businesses strive to lessen their environmental impact, the significance of eco-friendly corporate gifts is growing.

By selecting eco-friendly corporate gifts, you can protect our planet's resources while effectively demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. Eco-friendly gifts demonstrate your company's concern for the environment by employing renewable materials and energy-saving transportation practices. Giving these types of gifts conveys responsibility on the part of the recipient — particularly when they use recycled products or materials with minimal packaging waste — and demonstrates that your company values principles such as sustainability and environmental protection.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Impact on the Environment

Eco-friendly corporate presents are made from sustainable materials, reducing the environmental impact of production and disposal. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future by selecting eco-friendly products.

Increased Company Reputation and Image

Giving eco-friendly presents demonstrates a company's concern for the environment and commitment to sustainability. This can improve the company's standing with consumers, employees, and the community.

Visibility and brand awareness

Eco-friendly corporate gifts can be personalized with the company's logo or branding, which can increase brand awareness and visibility. This can contribute to brand loyalty and consumer acquisition.


Eco-friendly gifts are typically manufactured from inexpensive and sustainable materials, making them a cost-effective option for businesses. This can help reduce costs while still providing a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

Health Benefits

Numerous eco-friendly presents are crafted from natural materials, which can be healthier and safer to use. For instance, a bamboo cutting board may be less likely than a plastic one to harbor hazardous bacteria.

Overall, eco-friendly corporate presents provide numerous environmental and business advantages. Businesses can simultaneously demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by selecting sustainable gifts and providing meaningful gifts to stakeholders.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifts should prioritize sustainability. Eco-friendly corporate gifts demonstrate your company's principles and sustainability while reducing our environmental effects. These eco-friendly gifts will be appreciated:

Bamboo Desk Organizers or Accessories

Bamboo is a sustainable and fast-growing material that can be used to create eco-friendly desk accessories such as pen holders, phone stands, and mouse pads. It's even the main material for our custom mugs. Bamboo is an increasingly popular material for desk accessories due to its natural beauty and sustainable properties. Not only can accessories made of bamboo add a touch of style to any workspace, but they also help to protect the environment.

Fairtrade snacks & treats

Who doesn't want Belgian chocolate cookies, bite-sized chocolates, or a guilt-free chocolate bar for those with a strict diet in a box?! There's nothing better than giving away tasty and delectable treats, such as fruity chocolates, guilt-free chocolates, real masala fruit pieces, or a pack of healthy gourmet chips, that employees can snack on while they work but choose wisely when giving away food items! Look for organic food items wrapped in reusable containers or individual packaging made from 100% compostable materials that won't harm our environment after being disposed of.

Reusable Coffee Mugs

Almost everyone uses disposable cups throughout the day, whether they take coffee or tea. Help reduce waste by gifting reusable coffee mugs as part of your corporate swag bag! Many stylish options are available in glass, stainless steel, and ceramic designs. Pick something unique for each recipient—like a monogrammed mug—or choose coordinating colors or patterns for an entire group.

Planet-Friendly Work Essentials

Workday essentials that are environmentally sustainable are bamboo organizers, planners, plantable notebooks, custom umbrellas (for the rainy days), and even a bamboo pen. All these gifts are affordable yet functional elements that will help reduce waste while beautifying any desk space – making them ideal gifts for people who care about our planet while still wanting something useful in return.

Bamboo Diary

Who wouldn't smile upon receiving a beautiful bamboo diary? Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources available, making bamboo diaries an eco-friendly option for companies looking for sustainable solutions when it comes to finding corporate gifts.


How do you give an eco-friendly gift?

Eco-friendly gifts evaluate environmental impact and prioritize sustainability. Eco-friendly presents demonstrate your environmental concern. Practical, creative, and motivating!

  1. Shop secondhand or vintage stores for unique items.
  2. Gift Experiences
  3. Give Plants
  4. DIY – DIY projects are meaningful, inexpensive, and eco-friendly
  5. Buy Organic & Recycled Gifts

    What is an acceptable corporate gift?

    An acceptable corporate gift is one that is appropriate and in line with the recipient's values and expectations. Corporate gifts are typically given to clients, employees, or business partners as a way to show appreciation and maintain relationships.

    What are nature-based gifts?

    Nature-based gifts are those that are derived from nature and incorporate a touch of the outdoors into daily life. Nature-inspired gifts are those fashioned from natural materials and inspired by the natural world. They may be eco-friendly, organic, or designed to remind you of the natural splendor that exists.

    Choose Green, Choose Funk Trunk

    Your business or organization can make a change in the world with the right corporate gifts. Sustainable products on the market today send a message that will never go out of style: every buy has effects. The main goal should be to help businesses and industries that work to keep our world healthy. Business leaders can show their workers and clients that they care about the environment by buying gifts from eco-friendly companies like Funk Trunk. Plus, the thoughtfulness of these items will tell them that the company cares about the environment and wants to make it better for future generations. So take advantage of this chance and join Funk Trunk to work toward a better future. Get in touch today!

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