Coconut Oil Possible Cure Against COVID-2019

Coconut Oil Possible Cure Against COVID-2019

A Filipino scientist and professor emeritus from Ateneo de Manila Univerisity named Fabian Antonio Dayrit said that "lauric acid found in coconut oil – along with other derivatives – is used in a wide range of products for its antiviral properties," from a report in Philippine Star.

possible coronavirus curePhoto by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

In a paper written by Dayrit and physician Mary Newport from the Spring Hill Neonatology in the United States include that "“several researchers have been designing drugs to specifically target protease enzymes in coronavirus, but testing for these drugs is many months away.”

According to Dayrit and Newport, conducting research on the effectiveness of coconut oil on patients affected by 2019-nCoV (now called as COVID-2019) is safe. Both of them are also urging clinical studies to be conducted among the patients, adding the fact that the "treatment is affordable and virtually risk-free, and the potential benefits are enormous."

Let us thank and hope for best results among Filipino scientists and other scientists around the globe in finding the cure against COVID-2019.

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