BambuCup: Your Eco-Friendly Homey Companion

BambuCup: Your Eco-Friendly Homey Companion

The BambuCup

Have you ever experienced your hot coffee got suddenly cold after just sending a few emails to your colleagues?

Or have you gone to a friend's party and you have wasted a lot of cups because you don't remember where you placed yours?

Or even hosted a party and you saw the pile of single-use plastic cups scattered around and you remembered how long these cups will decompose?

Reusable eco-friendly cups are in! Especially when you are the type who cares what will happen if we continue to use single-use plastic cups.

If you currently own a mug for your office desk, that's good for you! You are on your way to minimising waste and thus contributing to the conservation of Mother Nature. If you ought to have an eco-friendly cup that can maintain the hotness or coldness of your drink for several hours then the "BambuCup" is the right cup for you!

Why would this be the right cup? Here are several reasons:

1. It's insulated and BPA-Free! It maintains the hotness of your drink for 4 hours; while cold drinks are maintained for 9 hours.

2. It's spill-safe! You don't need to worry that your beverage will spill if your desk gets a little wobbly.

3. It's sized at 17.6oz or 520mL. It's actually the size of your medium-sized coffee. You can ask your friendly barista to use this cup and mix your favourite coffee.

4. You can bring it to a friend's party and drink from your cup without losing it. Why? It's because you can have your name on it through engraving ;) (click here for engraving details)

5. It can be your trusty game cup or TV goblet (especially when you are going to binge-watch the Korean series Crash Landing On You or any of your favorite TV shows on Netflix).

6. It's eco-friendly because it is made from responsibly-sourced recycled wood; plus it's reusable because you can use it several times.

Either you own this cup or just stick to your regular cup, it's fine, as long as you will not patronize single-use plastic cups. 

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