5 Sustainable Corporate Giveaways This Holiday

5 Sustainable Corporate Giveaways This Holiday

2020 is a year we would definitely remember. Despite the unpredictable events that happened, companies still continue to operate, and employees continue to work companies. The country’s economy continues to thrive many thanks to the resilience and hard-working professionals from various industries.

This has been a tough year indeed! From the frontliners providing quality service to the employees working from home, each of them was challenged by setbacks.

As the spirit of the holiday approaches, what would be a better way to share the blessings and say thank you to the people—who stood by them during the toughest times—help than by sending them a gift of sustainability for a meaningful and eco-friendly year ender.

We know that this is also a challenging year for most companies. So, we—at Funk Trunk—provide corporate giveaways at friendlier corporate rates and payment terms for companies who want to show their gratitude to their clients, customers, and employees. To add value for the wholesale gifts, we offer free engraving on every item!

Here are our top 5 bestselling eco-friendly and sustainable corporate giveaways that will send smiles to the people who will be receiving them:

  1. Twist Pen

Our eco-friendly twist pen is our most budget-friendly item on the list. Aside from providing writing convenience, it’s also sustainable because its ink refill can be bought at a bookstore. (Note: We can engrave the company logo or a name of a person on the pen)



  1. Mini Bamboo Powerbank

Our recently launched product is the perfect gift for people who are always on the go. It’s lightweight and pocket-friendly design makes it suitable this holiday season. (Note: You can charge an iPhone, an Android phone, or a tablet).


  1. BambuCup

What a better way for an employee to start his or her eco-friendly journey than by giving away our desk-friendly sustainable cup. Made from recycled wood, our BPA-free BambuCup is guaranteed the hotness or coldness of his or her beverage.



  1. Bamboo Cheeseboard with Cutlery Set

With superior workmanship, our bamboo cheeseboard is the most fitting corporate giveaway for the C-levels (or the top management) or even clients. (Tip: It’s best to engrave the initials of the person to make it more classy and minimalistic)



  1. Bambler 2.0

Last but not definitely the least, our most loved Bambler 2.0. With its spill-safe grip, leak-proof lid, and on-the-go handle, it’s definitely handy and travel-worthy. It has a stainless-steel tea infuser plus it is guaranteed to maintain the coldness or hotness of the beverage.

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