Help Center


1A. General

How sturdy are Funk Trunk products?

What kind of wood is my item made of?

How long can I expect my Funk Trunk wooden item to last?

Do you offer custom engraving?

1B. Payment & Shipping

The tracking number that was given to me does not work. What's up with that?

Does Funk Trunk deliver worldwide?

How do I pay for my awesome Funk Trunk products?

Why do prices change at checkout?

How are the items shipped and how much do I pay?

So how long before my Funk Trunk product is delivered?

1C. Other Questions and Concerns

Where do I enter the discount code?

Why is my order taking so long?

How do I contact you?

Is it safe to purchase from an online store?


2A. Limited Warranty

Q1: What does the limited warranty on the Funk Trunk products mean?

Q2: What if I lost my receipt?

2B. Return Policy

Q1: What is Funk Trunk's Return Policy?

Q2: How do I return my item?

Q3: Will Funk Trunk pay for the shipping of the item/s?

2C. Replacement Program

Q1: What does the Replacement Program cover?

Q2: My product/s have cracks and I just received them, are they still covered by the warranty?

Q3: What if I broke my Funk Trunk product?

Q4: What if my Funk Trunk product has a factory defect?

Q5: What other guidelines should I be aware of?